I had a signed contract with Sungevity. What’s going to happen with my project?

One of our core values at Mosaic is to be a steward of our planet and customers. To that end, we’ve advocated fiercely on your behalf for Solar Spectrum (the company that acquired Sungevity’s assets) to support the warranties that you signed up for. The good news is we have been successful in most cases. Solar Spectrum has stepped up and agreed to honor at least part of the Sungevity warranties, and the specific details of coverage will depend on your individual situation:  

  • Contracts signed prior to the formal bankruptcy date of March 13, system has reached PTO, Mosaic loan is fully funded. Borrower gets a 7 year warranty as a direct result of negotiation by Mosaic.


  • Partially funded loan, pre-PTO. The full Sungevity agreement will be honored by Solar Spectrum.


  • Signed agreement, installation has not commenced. Solar Spectrum will either honor the existing agreement or sign a new one with new terms.


We do expect Solar Spectrum to contact you directly with details soon, but in the meantime you can reach them at customerservice@solarspectrum.com

They also have a phone number, which is 844-77SOLAR, but please note that due to limited bandwidth you are likely to get a more timely response via email.

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