Mosaic HSL Application Process

For Mosaic Home Solar Loan basic info, see here.

Loan Application Process

  1. On our homepage, click 'SOLAR QUOTE' in the upper right corner. We will connect you with a friendly rep from one of our installer partners.
    Your salesrep will be your guide and support through the entire process of going solar
  2. After discussing the idea for your system, your installer rep will help you go through a super-quick credit pre-qualification
    We ask a couple questions, and then give you an answer in seconds. You'll find it surprisingly easy!
  3. Your rep will guide you through the details of designing your system
  4. When you're set, we generate the loan application for you to sign online
  5. Your installer installs your system, we pay them, and you start saving on your electric bill

The entire loan process is online, and integrated into our partners' sales processes. Your rep will be your first point of contact for any questions throughout. You can also always reach Mosaic support by hitting 'Submit a Request' at the top of this page.

Loan Payments
When you apply for the loan, you will create an account on, and connect a bank account.
When your system is installed, we will make the loan disbursement directly to the installer on your behalf.
When your monthly payments are due, we will debit the payment directly from the bank account you set up.
For early principal payments (such as to reach the Mosaic Choice balance target), you will be able to initiate those payments through the website.

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